Concentric Balance

Private Acupuncture Services

Aromatherapy is a part of every treatment Rachel provides at no additional cost. Rachel uses only the highest quality organic and wildly harvested essential oils.

Private Acupuncture Initial Visit

Begins with a one on one interview where we dive deeply into the issues which concern you. A treatment is included in this visit as well.

  • 90 Min $100.00


Follow-up Acupuncture

A private experience where we continue the work begun at the initial visit.

  • 60 Min $85.00


Initial Consult for children

It is important for children to feel safe and not judged when they come in for treatment. With younger kids who do not understand the issues they are facing or why they are being brought for treatment private intakes with the parents are the best way to talk in detail about what is happening with the child with out them feeling embarrassed.

  • 30 Min $30.00


Kids Acupuncture Treatment

The energy of children moves and flows very differently from adults particularly the younger they are. A child's treatment may or may not include needles it depends on the child. In place of needles a tuning fork or other non penetrative tools are used to effectively stimulate the meridians and created positive changes for the children.

  • 30 Min $50.00


I Ching reading (add-on)

The I Ching is the Chinese Book of Changes it is a form of consulting the universe to answer questions which are concerning us. Any treatment can have an I Ching reading added to it.

  • $15.00


I Ching group reading and group ear treatment

Available Friday evening or Saturday. Each member of the group asks a question of the I Ching and receives a relaxing ear treatment while Rachel consults the I Ching for the answer to your questions.

  • Minimum of 3 Max of 6 (per person) $40.00

My practice is a safe space for people of color and the LGBTQIA community.